Drug Delivery Technology

Controlled Particle Dispersion® Technology Platform

The CPD platform contains six critical-to-function design parameters that can be adjusted to create the optimal delivery environment for a given formulation. Driven by CPD technology, our ViaNase electronic atomizers can be designed to deliver most formulations realizing efficient and effective nasal cavity saturation with minimal peripheral deposition to the lungs and stomach.

Using the principal of vortical flow, Controlled Particle Dispersion (CPD)® effectively disrupts inherent nasal cavity airflows to deliver formulations to the entire nasal cavity. By varying control parameters, CPD can target specific nasal regions including the olfactory region and the paranasal sinuses while minimizing peripheral deposition to the lungs and stomach.

Clinical results show that the average area of intranasal deposition was as much as 300 percent greater for CPD compared to spray pumps.

Download a technical brochure on Controlled Particle Dispersion


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